Pacific Courtyards

San Luis Obispo's Historic District

Pacific Courtyards is a classic urban infill project. Like many infill projects the site is non-traditional. This called for a creative solution. Often constraints reveal opportunities and the design team here was brilliant. 

The entitlements were challenging as the site straddles San Luis Obispo’s historic district as well as the downtown district. The site also happens to be adjacent to one of the oldest and most cherished churches in SLO. We wanted to pay homage to the church without imitating or mimicking it with modern materials. We felt an enormous amount of responsibility and brought Robert Chattel, a premier historic preservation architect, onto our team. We are proud and happy to have received neighborhood support and a unanimous City Council approval. Special interest groups and the general public came out and spoke in favor of our project and helped us receive our unanimous approval and we thank you for taking the time to collaborate with us.